Renault-Nissan Tangier, Morocco

Just five years after the completion of Renault-Nissan’s greenfield factory in Tangier, Morocco, the millionth Dacia rolled off its production line early in July 2017.

This 300-hectare campus houses 8,000 employees, and comprises a 39,000m² press shop, a 75,000m² body assembly facility, a 38,000m² paint shop and a 90,000m² final assembly building. The plant is now running close to its production capacity of 340,000 units per year, with 1,150 cars produced each day. The first line opened in 2012 and facilitated the production of 50,000 cars. Line two opened a year later, doubling output to 100,000 units. As of July 2017, both lines are running three eight-hour shifts, six days a week, and the plant’s capacity could easily be extended to 400,000 units, plant officials say.

Shooting & Editing by: LEO SHOOT Crew. 2017
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