K. Fakhar in Rabat office. 2012

It started in 1999 as an independent TV crew, but has since become a
major source of news and programs for many television channels
worldwide, namely TVM (Moroccan TV), ABU DAHBI TV (United Emirates  Arabs), BBC World, SBS TV (Australia), France 3, EuroNews, TVE (Spain), ORF (Austria), NPR Radio (USA), and PBS (USA)…

During its 19 years of operations, LEO Shoot has also realized more than 1000 television shootings, including news reports, documentaries, corporate and research films. Our agency has also provided logistic assistance for many international TV channels, radio stations, production companies, newspapers, magazines, other press agencies and NGOs from around the world.

LEO Shoot is an independent Broadcast media & Press agency, founded by Khalid FAKHAR (Journalist) in 1999. It’s not affiliated with any ideological group or party. We are a multilingual agency, working in many languages: Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

Our priority is to provide an independent professional TV crews able to work under any circumstances or pressures. We insist on providing excellent sound and image quality, and a brilliant set up of sequences and characters. Using an LEO Shoot crew, you are assured a cost-efficient, flexible, and professional service.