Guide to local fixers in Morocco

If you are planning to shoot in Morocco & Western Sahara (South of
Morocco), we give this chances to require the assistance of a Local
Moroccan fixer, someone who is familiar with local cultures &
languages, who can help you with logistics, translation, location, crew
sourcing, find characters & save money & time.

We are doing this job from 1999, the year of our first operation for NPR Radio from the USA, and from that time we didn’t stop working. It was a big chance to discover Morocco & Moroccans, the diversity of cultures from regions to others.

our fixer (or local Producer) can scout great spots remotely, sending detailed information, including photos and movies, back to the producer, journalist or director. We are working especially in the Television industry, with a journalistic background.

But & Firstly, our fixer will get the official permission to film in all Morocco Regions & cities (Western Sahar included). Our local Fixer gets also filming permits for special locations, like airports, mosques… Of course, some films crews will need special visas to travel and shoot in Morocco, our fixer can sort those too because he’s little like a walking and talking country guide, he’s your friendly man when you stay in Morocco to shoot.

” Our Moroccan Fixer makes things happen.

K. Fakhar Fixing in Chefchaouen, the north of Morocco. Photos Shoot. 2018. Credit: Leo SHOOT.

A film crew can save a lot of cash and hassle by hiring the equipment on location rather than taking all their own kit abroad with them. Our fix can help with this to where to hire the right gear, near to the location you shoot.

Our Fixer can make travel arrangements for the crew, cast, and equipment to get around the country in relative comfort. (Transportation for film crews in Morocco)

To shoot in Morocco you will get the person who deals with logistics and really makes things happen for TV, web and commercials crews. A multilingual, he takes the worry out of the language barrier and uses his specialist local and cultural knowledge to deal quickly and efficiently with bureaucracy and paperwork – sourcing all the elements that a film team needs to work within the deadline and budget and having the big story shooting.


Leo SHOOT Credits: CNN (USA) - 2017

Inside the lab rewriting the origins of humanity

Aired on CNN in Oct 2017 – Links to CNN TV website: Earliest human ancestors discovered by accident 7:05  // The Moroccan fossils that re-write history 06:28  // Modern tech reveal how our brains evolved 08:48

Shooting Crew in Morocco: Khalid FAKHAR: DOP. Reda FAKHAR: Local Producer