Translation & Translators

Shooting for RTE (IRLAND) in Marrakech - 2019.

Local fixers who speaks all Moroccan dialects to facilitate your contact with people & local cultures.

Translations & translators for your media projects in/about Morocco. we translate interviews and meetings during shooting when you are in Morocco, and we also can translating all your interviews after your departure when you are in editing in your country.

Morocco dialects & languages
Leo SHOOT provides translation services for TV projects including but not limited to News Reports, Documentaries, press articles, files, books… The agency also ensures translators to assist you during your field shooting in all parts of Morocco.

The Moroccan dialects are DARIJA (Arabic) – TASSOUSIT (Berber) – TACHELHIT (Berber) – TARIFIT (Berber) – AL HASSANIA (Arabic).

Spoken and written languages in Morocco are: “Classical Arabic” – “French” – “Spanish” – “English” -“Tifinagh”.

Fixers speaking Moroccan dialects for your shooting in Morocco
Our fixer network throughout Morocco covers all regions, and so all the dialects of Morocco. A Moroccan fixer who is Arab can never work in the Berber regions, like the high Atlas, the desert … shooting in those regions requires a fixer who also speaks the Berber dialects. Leo SHOOT, and for many years tries to have a network of fixers across Morocco that
cover all dialects and all regions.


Leo SHOOT Credits: DW (Germany) - 2019

Scientists and farmers in northern Morocco are measuring the number of remaining insects. Populations of butterflies, wild bees and flies have fallen, which could have a dramatic impact on food production.

Aired on DW TV (Germany) in August 2019. Program: Global Ideas. 
Cameraman & Local Producer: Khalid Fakhar. Soundman: Moad Khamouli.