Location Scouting & Recce

In Morocco

We provide a source for perfect locations for your film and a range of options to best suit your project and budget.

There are very few places in Morocco where we haven’t been since 1999 – and we pay attention! Leo SHOOT knows that good location scouting and management is all about the detail. We provide professional and detailed reports of all our location scouts and recces. We have a large network to allow us to search simultaneously in multiple locations.

We have expert local knowledge, including insight into local infrastructure challenges, licensing requirements and cultural obstacles that could impact your shooting budget and schedule. In other words, we don’t leave anything to chance. Following close consultation with our clients, and once locations are selected, we arrange all clearances and permissions for you to film, including privately-owned locations and facilities.


Leo SHHOT Credits: DW TV (Germany) - 2015

A lifeline for Morocco’s fishermen 

A fish breeding center at a lake in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains is meant to boost dwindling populations and help local communities secure their livelihoods through increased fishing and tourism. A film by Julia Henrichmann.

Aired on DW TV (Germany) - Cameraman & Local Producer: Khalid FAKHAR