Customs Clearance

When you come to Morocco to film you have to hire a Moroccan production company. Credit: Leo SHOOT - RAM. 2018

Admission of Television filming equipment in Morocco.

When coming to Morocco to film we recommend that you bring all your gear as accompanied baggage with you in the same flight and declare them to the Customs as temporary admission of equipment for temporary activity of a professional with no permanent resident status, or you can also use the ATA Carnet.

In both cases you need to have the official shooting permit, our fixer will send all informations to Customs before your arrival. he organize also the passage of your team at the airport as VIP, so you will not waste time with travelers and tourists.

Moroccan Customs informs that when applying for the Temporary Admission Regime it is recommended that the foreign company contact the Moroccan hosting company or institution in order to send all the necessary information as stated above, including the date of arrival, crew names and flight number. Our Fixer contact the Moroccan Custom Sector at the Port or Airport of arrival in order to expedite in advance the Customs Procedures before the arrival of the crew & equipment.

In any case when you come to Morocco to film it’s better to hire a Moroccan production company to be the host company during the shootings. When you hire Leo SHOOT, we will be responsible for ensuring compliance to the legislation and for providing assistance for customs clearance of equipment as well as other forms of assistance.


Leo SHOOT Credits: DW TV (Germany) - 2018

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Aired on DW TV (Germany) - Cameraman & Local Producer: Khalid FAKHAR