Videos for Web Broadcasters

Reda FAKHAR Shooting for ELAPH in Tangier - 2009. Credit: Leo SHOOT.

Since 2007, Leo SHOOT began its Web Video Report production for international websites. In 2009, she produced more than 100 reports for “Elaph”, Arabic website from London. Today, Leo SHOOT responds to multiple requests for technical jobs of video on the web: Shooting, editing, mixing and transferring the report on the same day.

Shooting in Morocco for WEB Broadcasters.

– All Shooting equipment: Cameras, Sound & Lights.
– Shooting Permits
– Fixers & Translators
– Location & recce
– Video Editing
– Sound Recording
– Mobile Editing Stations

All video encoding formats are available. Also, we can send our videos via FTP from all regions of Morocco just after the shooting.

NB: An official Permit is required for Web professional broadcasters to shoot anywhere in Morocco. (The acquisition of this authorization requires at least 10 days.)

Leo SHOOT Credits: CNC World (China) - 2019

Moroccan winery: “We have an enormous interest in the Chinese market”.

Shooting & Editing by Najia EL HABCHI for CNC World (China)
Location: Romani (Ferme Rouge) -2019.