Radio & Audio Services

Our fixers can edit and sending by FTP from anywhere in Morocco

Covering Events & Current affairs, Telling the stories of people, Traveling back in time across the different regions of Morocco, this is what we have been doing for many years on behalf of radio stations around the world, first one was in 1999 for NPR Radio from the USA.

Radio Reports
Recorded, edited and sent on the same day. We provide continuous coverage of an event taking place in Morocco. We also prepare pre-editing of 5 to 10 minutes, daily connections with Radio stations during big events in Morocco: Interviews, Press conferences, reports…

Through Morocco: Radio News Reporting
During your operations through Morocco cities & regions, a fixer will assist you to take care of the production and schedule of the day… and especially meeting people and finding characters.

Special unit for recording
Leo SHOOT has dedicated a special unit for recording Radio through Morocco: microphones (M88 and M58), digital recorders, external disks as well as laptops equipped with radio editing softwares. To reduce the budgets, our fixers can edit and send by FTP from anywhere in Morocco.

Telling the stories of people, Traveling back in time across the different regions of Morocco…

Audio services:
– The sound design of Television Projects (Reports & Documentaries)
– Audio Mixing of Television Projects: Dialogue, Voice-Over, Ambience (or atmosphere), Sound effects, Music.
– Voiceover recording.
– Sound effects library.
– Extensive Moroccan music library.

NB: An official Permit is required for radio professional recordings across Morocco. (The acquisition of this authorization requires at least 10 days).


Leo SHOOT Credits: BBC 3 Radio - 2019
Recording Report in Fez by Khalid FAKHAR. For BBC 3 Radio. 2019

From: The early music show

The city of Fez in Morocco is home to the Arab-Andalucian Orchestra, and it is directed by Mohammed Briouel. North Africa is where the music of Al-Andalus is best preserved, and Maestro Briouel speaks about his love of this tradition.  We also hear from Reda Fakhar (Leo SHOOT), a Moroccan journalist whose family left Granada after 1492 and the Reconquista and who still keeps a 500-year-old memento of their history in Al-Andalus.