Corporate Video Production

Najia EL HABCHI shooting with dolphins in Agadir - XINHUA (China) - 2019

We provide assistance for all internationals Production companies to shoot a corporate films in Morocco: Location, Equipments, Crews… we offer a range of services to help with all aspects of your communication and media needs. If you would like to find out more, contact us.

Shooting a Corporate film in Morocco

Broadcast quality for corporate video
Cooperate Promotional Video & Cooperate Trade Show Movie.
We offer services for the entire process of corporate video production and, if required, can give knowledgeable advice for a clients specific needs including length, location, additional features, and video formats.

Shooting & Editing (Equipments, Crews & Production) – Leo SHOOT provide Shooting & Editing of any sort of Corporate videos. DVD Authoring – Professional, DVD Authoring Duplication & Replication & Video encoding.

Photography services
Photography & Photographers in Morocco Cities & Regions.

Graphics & Interactive Media
We plan, develop, and deliver any size project from small one-off logos, business cards, and brochures to comprehensive branding & identity packages and informational or e-commerce websites.

Our partener in Corporate Video production
Ocean ProdWebima (Website in French) – Anouar FAKHAR

NB: To shoot a corporate film in Morocco, you need an official Film Permit.


Leo Credits: XINHUA TV (China) - 2019

New 2019… Dolphins In Agadir?

Last attraction in Agadir: “Agadir Dolphin World”, which has set up next to the sea, is the first dolphinarium in Morocco. A succes on the touristic level and also a source of a great controversy concerning animal rights.

Aired on XINHUA TV Network: Camerawoman & Local Producer: Najia EL HABCHI.