Friday, December 1, 2023
Welcome to MOROCCO  – “Leo Shoot” is the global production service and fixing house, we are the oldest & the largest national network of Fixers, Local Producers, ENG crews and journalists. Our members network operate in more than 20 cities across Morocco.


If you are planning to shoot in Morocco & Western Sahara (South of Morocco), we give possibility to require the assistance of a Local Moroccan fixer, someone who is familiar with local cultures & dialects, who can help you with Permits, Logistics, Translation, Location, Crew & Equipment sourcing & Find characters. He\’s your friendly man when you stay in Morocco to shoot.

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Filming in Morocco - Leo Services

Television Broadcast Services

Television Broadcast Facilities

Leo SHOOT provides all Television Broadcast services around Morocco regions and cities, our network can deliver equipment, Crews or transportation in few hours through our 4 bases: Rabat (The capital of Morocco), Casablanca, Marrakech, and Ouarzazate. Television Shooting Equipment, Post Production, Sound Mixing & Audio Services, TV Feeds from Morocco...

Videos for Web Broadcasters

Since 2007, Leo SHOOT began its Web Video Report production for international websites. In 2009, she produced more than 100 reports for “Elaph”, Arabic...

Fixers & line producers in Morocco

Guide to local fixers in Morocco

If you are planning to shoot in Morocco & Western Sahara (South of Morocco), we give this chances to require the assistance of a Local Moroccan...

Translation & Translators

Local fixers who speaks all Moroccan dialects to facilitate your contact with people & local cultures. Translations & translators for your media projects in/about Morocco....

Interviews & Meeting People

Our team carefully for many years preparing live or recorded television interviews, meeting people and living with them for some days. Whatever personality you...
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Parkour Episode 2: Working Together

Shooting Advertising for Samsung (South Korea) in Rabat / Morocco Capital. 2003 (From: Leo Shoot Archive)

Gordon Ramsay shoots in Morocco

Chef Gordon Ramsay travels to Morocco, North Africa, where he embarks on an adventure deep in the Middle Atlas Mountains to understand ancient Berber cuisine. Learning from the locals, he rappels over a waterfall to meet mushroom hunters, milks a camel and experiences the life of the Berber people. He puts his new skills to the test, cooking a feast with chef Najat Kaanache to celebrate Berber New Year.

Morocco: The prickly pear and its exceptional properties.

Researchers from around the world have demonstrated the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of prickly pear. Indeed, thanks to its ability to survive in extreme...